Celebrate Launching of KokomoSwap w/ Full Moon

2 min readMay 17, 2021

[Updated, June 14, 2021]
Since block time and actual date do not match accurately. Our team decided to end the 4th week of the Full Moon on BSC Blocks 8287740 because we see a relative difference between the block time and the actual date.

Hello Kokomo folks!

Welcome to Kokomo Island 🏝

You can start using KokomoSwap services, Swap, Farm & Pool, starting from May 17, 2021 (0:00 A.M. PDT)

So happy to celebrate its grand opening of KokomoSwap and show our love to early Liquidity Providers, we are proudly announcing the Kokomo Full Moon. The Kokomo Full Moon is the boost period of providing boosted farming reward for early contributors of Kokomo Stakers and Liquidity Providers.

The Kokomo Full Moon is a special event for our beloved Kokomo folks, and the announcement will be delivered only by our official channels.

Check the Full Moon schedule and Multipliers!!

During the ‘Kokomo Full Moon’ period (4 weeks) total of 161,280,000, $KOKOMO will be distributed. Normally 40 $KOKOMO per block is generated, but there is a boost for our early contributors during the Full Moon period. For the next 4 weeks, Boosts are 8x, 2x, 4x, 2x, and most of the extra 32,256,000 $KOKOMO will be distributed for the community event.

1st Week
5/17 00:00–5/23 23:59 : 8x farming reward (total supply : minimum 64,512,000 KOKOMO for 24hrs)
(*Block Time : BSC Blocks 7481340–7682940)

2nd Week
5/24 00:00–5/30 23:59 : 2x farming reward (total supply : minimum 16,128,000 KOKOMO for 24hrs)
(*Block Time : BSC Blocks 7682940–7884540)

3rd Week
5/31 00:00–6/6 23:59 : 4x farming reward (total supply : minimum 32,256,000 KOKOMO for 24hrs)
(*Block Time : BSC Blocks 7884540–8086140)

4th Week
6/7 00:00–6/14 23:59 : 2x farming reward (total supply : minimum 16,128,000 KOKOMO for 24hrs)
(*Block Time : BSC Blocks 8086140–8287740)

All times are in PDT (UTC-7) based on estimated block generation time. The actual time difference may occur.

Community Event!😮
32,256,000 $KOKOMO will randomly be boosted during the Full Moon Period. So if you don’t want to miss earning extra $KOKOMO, stay Tuned!📻