Step by Step. KokomoSwap Analytics

Hello, Kokomo Folks 👋🏝🥥

As the KokomoSwap team completes each task on our To-do list, the team has developed KokomoSwap Analytics to provide a better user experience and enhance KokomoSwap’s ecosystem.🧑‍💻📈

Users have easier access to the inside of KokomoSwap. KokomoSwap Analytics provides an overview of the service, such as the total amount of liquidity, Volume (24hr), Top Tokens, and Top Pairs. It shows all transactions relating to KokomoSwap as well.

KokomoSwap is a Decentralized Exchange(DEX); we pursue it. 🗯
As a DEX, Trading Volume(24hr) and Fees/Liquidity are critical information for users. Due to the development of KokomoSwap Analytics, users may check them more easily.

The KokomoSwap team will continue to keep going forward to complete each task on our To-do list. It is our promise to the community and the right way to building a solid ecosystem.

Adding KokomoSwap Analytics to our ecosystem brings a slight change to KokomoSwap official website. Under the “Info” tab, there are sub-tabs, Analytics and Docs. Also, users have direct access to KokomoSwap Analytics by clicking Total Value Locked or Market Cap. on the main page.

Keeps Paddling! 🏄‍♂️🏄




A fun & easy AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain

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A fun & easy AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain

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