We start again. KokomoSwap Chapter 2.

Hello! Kokomo Folk 👋🌴🥥

KokomoSwap starts a new chapter 🙌
We hope all is well with you. It has been a while since we published a story in the medium. The KokomoSwap team has been working on a new feature, the Prediction Market (BETA), and completing our tasks in a timely manner.
Also, the team had a long discussion about how we will leverage the new feature and prepare the next chapter for KokomoSwap.

Keep it Lean ✅

The team adjusted AP (Allocation Points) for the main Farms & Pool. Some Farms with low liquidities are delisted. We will be focusing on the main Farms & Pool so that users can benefit from higher-yield returns. Instead of adding various farms, KokomoSwap will prioritize the main Farms & Pool.


Expand our Horizon 🌏 🌍

Last week, we officially announced the full integration of Chainlink Price Feed for the Prediction Market (BETA), and KokomoSwap is now an official sponsor for Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Feed. http://s.kokomoswap.io/ipF

Our new feature, the Prediction Market (BETA), gives users a great amusement and gamification experience using crypto assets. 🎮

Currently, the KokomoSwap team is discussing interesting ideas with various partners to enhance our functions and develop business strategies. We will return with satisfying results to users. We also give a new look to the official website for newcomers.

We keep paddling 🏄‍♂️




A fun & easy AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain https://kokomoswap.io/

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A fun & easy AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain https://kokomoswap.io/

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