We value our holders! KOKOMO Staking Event is here.

1 min readJun 7, 2021

[Updated, June 13, 2021]
Snapshot Date & Time / Amount of reward
- 1st Snapshot : June 8, TUE 22:00(PDT)/ 1.7M
- 2nd Snapshot : June 10, THU 20:00(PDT) / 2M
- 3rd Snapshot : June 13, SUN 21:30(PDT) / 2M

Hi, Kokomo Folks! 👋 🌴 🥥

For those who have trust in KokomoSwap, our team is excited to announce a special $KOKOMO Staking Event!

  • Reward distribution will be based on the snapshots of user balances in the single ‘KOKOMO’ pool on Tue., Thu., and Sun. of this week (random time)
  • Total Reward: 5.7M $KOKOMO💰 (Tue:1.7M / Thu: 2M / Sun: 2M)
  • The final reward is proportional, based on your deposit amount.
  • Reward Distribution Dates (see the details below)

The reward is more than double!!!🔥
(i.e, if the shown APR is 1000%, it’s like getting an extra APR 1000% more during the period)

We picked the distribution dates to remember the historical moments of the crypto scene. 🧐 🔍

*Reward Distribution Dates.
July 30, 2021: the date when ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ was launched.
Sep 01, 2021: the date when ‘Binance Smart Chain’ was launched.
Oct 31, 2021: the date when ‘Bitcoin Whitepaper’ was published.

*All times are in PDT.